Sports Bars in Madrid

2 de May de 2019 

Over the last few years, themed bars have become increasingly popular around the world. These places allow people to combine the comforts and entertainment of a traditional bar, together with the passion for a hobby or particular activity surrounded by like-minded people. Sports fans, particularly football fans, get together to enjoy their excitement over matches with food and drinks.

The Football World Cup, which is held every 4 years, is the busiest time of the year for sports bars. The fans of each team get excited over cheering for their country. And there is nothing like enjoying such an important match with your countrymen over a beer. The final match of the UEFA Champions League is another important event during which bars are crowded.

Madrid is a city in which sports are experienced with passion and there are plenty of bars to do so. Though these bars have to prepare themselves for important sports events, most of them adapt to big crowds. There are well-defined sports bars of great quality. Some of these are:


Penalti Lounge Bar

This bar is located at Fernández de Los Ríos 95 Street, and it is entirely devoted to football. One of its main traits is its Mexican food. Its gastronomic offer is centered around this type of food, with tacos and burritos. The bar has a big screen so that everyone can watch football matches from any part of the bar regardless of where they are sitting. There is a “football menu” with an open bar: for just €16, a waiter will be constantly refilling your glass of beer, together with food during the match. In addition, you can book a table in advance, so that you make sure you have one the day of the match.

Opening hour is 5 pm from Sundays to Fridays, whereas on Saturdays it is at 6 pm. If there is an important match before that time, the bar will open earlier.


Soccer Bar

As seen in its name, this bar focuses on football, though on rugby, too. It is located in El Pinar de Chamartín, in the northern area of Madrid. Apart from cocktails and wines, this place offers breakfast dishes and a variety of coffee grains. From Monday to Saturday, their opening hours are 8 am to 12 am, whereas on Sundays and holidays its doors are opened from 12 pm to 12 am.

Other great options are 38 Sports Pub (located at Calle Preciados 38, in the heart of the city) and La Cervecería Deportiva (Costanilla de Los Ángeles 12).

Irish Bars

There are plenty of other bars in Madrid, some of them Irish. These bars attract many rugby fans that get together to watch the Six Nations matches. Among the best Irish bars are O'Connell, Bo Finn, Finnegans y The Irish Rover.

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