Best Art exhibitions in Madrid in 2019

6 de June de 2019 

Art and culture are an essential part of Madrid. New exhibitions which contain interesting material are constantly displayed and they invite not only tourists but also locals to enjoy a cultural immersion. Below, we recommend some of them:

The Pink Floyd Exhibition - Their Mortal Remains

This exhibition is a multisensorial journey through the  famous British rock band Pink Floyd’s 50 years of artistic life. It shows videos, photos, unique objects, cover designs, in addition to the iconic band’s hits of different covers.

Fort he first time, some of the present pieces are exhibited to the general public including handwritten lyrics, stage elements or personal instruments which belonged to private collections or were kept in recording studios.

The journey is chronological and it has many details of one of the best bands of rock of history, and, undoubtedly, a cultural icon in the 20th century. The philosophy of its songs, its innovations in the albums’ covers, and its wonderful concerts marked a before and after in the history of music.

Matisse Grabador

This exhibition explores the lesser-known work of the French artist Henri Matisse in the year of the 150 anniversary of his birth (1869-1954). This piece of art is very innovative and relates to the engraving technique which makes Matisse a recognized artist. It is exhibited in Fundación Canal de Isabel II until August 18.

The French artist was a great painter, sculptor, drawer, and engraver, being the last one the least known of the artist’s talents but the one which the exhibition is based on. It has a selection of works which come from “The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation”. According to experts, there are 800 of Matisse’s engravings around the world, 60 of which, the most well-known, are concentrated in Spain.  

From Madrid to the Moon

Espacio Fundación Telefónica, together with Espacio Efemérides, displays an exhibition about the role played by Spain during the arrival of man on the moon. It will be available for visits on November 17.

Madrid mountain range was the place chosen by NASA to establish two base stations to provide communication support and also broadcast again the talks between Apolo XI’s crewmen and USA control center. This exhibition commemorates more than 200 Spanish people who participated in this epic achievement which was the man’s landing on the moon through interactive panels, photos, videos, and original documents.

Other recommendations

The sixteenth edition of Documentary Film Festival makes a retrospective about Carlos Casas, a Barcelona artist who travels to the most extreme and forgotten places of the world. It can be visited up to June 30.

Biblioteca Histórica UCM exhibits the legacy of the late San Sebastian painter Luis García-Ochoa. This exhibition values its legacy and artistic evolution and finishes on September 30.

The famous Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown shows his other artistic side with an exhibition of 14 paintings called “Palacio del Planalto”.

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