Activities in Madrid for Groups of Friends

31 de January de 2018 

So we’d like to share some ideas of activities in Madrid for groups of friends.

There are lots of ways to spend a holiday with friends in a city such as Madrid. As a popular hostel in the center of Madrid, we welcome a lot of groups of friends traveling together, so we’d like to share some ideas of activities in Madrid for groups of friends.

Activities Madrid Groups Friends


Visiting a museum

Do you want to explore local culture and art? Then one of the museums will have an exhibition that you’d all want to see, regardless if those are aircraft exhibition, costumes and fashion designs, or ancient pottery. Simply explore Madrid museums and find the exhibition for you. Don’t forget to check out if there is a discount for group visits because most museums do offer lower admission fees on group visits.


Go to a concert

Are you a fan of RnB and would like to go to a concert? Or are you impatient to watch the legends of rock such as Iron Maiden or Guns’n’Roses take the stage in Madrid? Then going to a concert should be an activity for you. The information about the upcoming concerts and other events, as well as online tickets, can be found on this website: Ticketmaster.es.


Wine tasting

One of the internationally known products that come from Spain is Spanish wine, so why don’t you go wine tasting with your friends while you’re in the city. You’ll get to learn a lot of interesting details about wine and production process, and you’ll come to appreciate it much more. This is a great way to spend a day (or evening) out in Madrid.


A day trip to Toledo or Segovia

When walking around the central city streets gets old, you always have these two amazing locations to organize a super fun day out with friends. You’ll get to learn a lot about Spanish history as you explore the medieval architectural sights and neighborhoods.


Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

If your friends love sports, you’ll love visiting the most famous stadium in Madrid. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium represents an impressive construction and the museum of the sport that always attract visitors who stay in Madrid. Besides the tour of the dressing rooms and other areas of the stadium, you can always stay to watch a match. It’s much more exciting than watching it on TV.


Tour as a tourist

Tourists love organized tours! They enjoy having a guide and exploring what they find most fascinating about Madrid. When you come to the city, you’ll soon realize that you can find all sorts of tours. This means that most of you will find an interesting activity to enjoy with friends. The offer includes bike tours of Madrid, walking tours, food tours, tapas tours, bus tour, Segway tour, Madrid highlights tour, etc.


Clubbing with friends

Known for the exciting nightlife, Madrid is a destination you'll enjoy if you and your friends love clubbing. Most of the popular clubs and bars are in the center of the city. A practical way to find them is to use an online map, such as Google Maps.

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