Alternative Tourism in Madrid

28 de March de 2018 

Alternative Tourism in Madrid. Madrid is a popular tourist destination. You’ll find plenty of tours, places to see, must-do thing, etc. In this article, we want to suggest you an alternative stay.

Madrid is a popular tourist destination. You’ll find plenty of tours, places to see, must-do thing, etc. In this article, we want to suggest you an alternative stay. You’re not likely to hear about these in the most common guides and reviews.



Start with an alternative type of accommodation. A large percentage of tourists is always choosing hotels, but we’d like to suggest a hostal. It’s a completely new type of accommodation, typically offered in Spain. Here you can find out more about benefits of staying in Hostal Madrid.



Instead of visiting the most popular parks in Madrid, here are a few alternatives, equally worthy of your time:

  • Casa de Campo - You’ll find lots of paths to ride a bike, areas for a picnic, and a lake.
  • Parque del Oeste - A peaceful place to relax and walk around enjoying the beautiful landscape.



Exploring the city on a hop on hop off buses is so passé. Segways are new, refreshing way to explore the city on wheels. Use the internet to choose among different tours. Here’s one place you can find them: https://www.segwayfun.es/es/.




Used as the metro station at the beginning of the 20th century, this site isn’t as known or popular, but it’s certainly an interesting place to visit. The metro station was closed in 1966, and the restoration started in 2006. Now you can visit the old tunnels, check out historic advertisements, and old maps of the city center.



Explore alternative culture in the city of Madrid by visiting one of these places:

  • Matadero Madrid - Defined as a contemporary creative laboratory, this place offers numerous indoor and outdoor activities, workshops, film screening, etc. There is also an area for designers and musicians to work on their creative projects.
  • La Casa Encendida - This center is mostly focused on art and education. Exhibitions, workshops, and educational programs are all the things La Casa Encendida has to offer.
  • Medialab-Prado - If digital content and culture are your focus, you’ll love this center. It’s designed to support creative projects in the digital sector, with a laboratory for production, collaborations, research, etc.



Don’t consult the guides for your next tour. Instead, check out what the locals have to recommend. Handpicked locations in the city you would hardly ever discover on your own. Avoid the tourist highlights and experience the city as the local. It’s a completely alternative visit as you’ll get to discover hidden places only locals would know about. Here’s the app you can use: Spotted by the Locals Madrid.



Here’s another trendy way to spend an evening out. Bar crawling, i.e., going from one bar to another on your evening out, is a good way to explore the local atmosphere. The main destination for bar crawling in Madrid is La Latina district.

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