5 Essential Places to Visit in Madrid

30 de April de 2018 

5 Essential Places to Visit in Madrid. We want to suggest five essential places to visit in Madrid.

5 Essential Places

When asked which places to visit in Madrid, our answer could be quite a long one. Starting from the museums, to parks, avenues, bookshops, wine cellar, etc. we could ramble on for days about Madrid and magnificent places to see in the city. For all of you who are in the city on a brief visit, we want to suggest five essential places to visit in Madrid.


Plaza Mayor


This is an ultimate place to visit of city’s cultural heritage with significant historical value in the city life. Plaza Mayor is an extraordinary square, designed in a rectangular shape, sort of like a huge playground surrounded by buildings with multiple entrances on each of its four sides. If you explore the history behind the square, you’ll find out that this was the place of great importance in the local life.


Retiro Park


Europe’s version of New York’s Central Park, Retiro is another essential place to visit in Madrid. Located in the city center, makes it quite convenient to visit, in particular, if you’re renting accommodation in the center of the city. Besides numerous pathways allowing you to explore this oasis in the heart of a modern city, Retiro Park also has a lake, countless monuments, statues, and fountains. Two most notable landmarks are certain the Crystal Palace and the Monument to Alfonso XII.

Retiro Park at sunset


The market of San Miguel


Traditional food served in an ambient that could not be more typical than this, are the main reasons to visit the market of San Miguel. You get to try the local food in a large covered market, representing a vibrant community of the locals who are perfect promoters of the Spanish cuisine. Tourists love this place. It’s within walking distance from the Plaza Mayor, which means it’s quite close to our Hostal Madrid.


Gran Via


This upscale shopping street located in the center of Madrid is another place you’d regret not visiting. Regardless if you want to enjoy a nice walk, shop for some exclusive brands, or find a cool bar to have a drink, this street is for you. Also known as Spanish Broadway, this street is the place in the city that never sleeps. Make sure you check that lively spirit and atmosphere walking along the street that has great historical and cultural importance.


Prado Museum


Madrid is known to be home to many museums, but there is something special about this one in particular. The Prado Museum is the most visited museum in the city, as well as the one with the largest collection of artworks ranging from the 12th century onwards. What is unique about it is precisely that collection that shows the best of the Spanish art from multiple centuries. It offers a perfect glimpse into countries history and how it evolved throughout the centuries.


Since these landmarks are all in the center of Madrid, you’ll have time to organize your visit even if your stay in Madrid is quite a short one.



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