Visiting Libraries in Madrid

28 de May de 2018 

Visiting Libraries in Madrid. Although it’s quite convenient and hip to read your favorite books on your mobile device or a computer, there’s something unique and special about visiting libraries.

Although it’s quite convenient and hip to read your favorite books on your mobile device or a computer, there’s something unique and special about visiting libraries. Nothing can really replace that “book smell,” that feeling as you stroll through the impressive rows of bookshelves, hiding some of the world’s most famous literary masterpieces.

Hostal Visiting libraries in Madrid

Whether you’re living or staying in Madrid temporarily, here’s a few ideas on libraries to visit in Madrid, that all of you fond of literature and books will love.


Biblioteca Nacional de España

We’re starting with THE place to visit if you love visiting libraries. An impressive building holds the largest book collection in Spain and one of the largest ones in the world. The library has over 26 million items, which include books, other printed materials, journals, newspapers, sound and music recording, stamps, etc.


Location: Salamanca, Paseo de Recoletos, 20-22

Website: http://www.bne.es/es/Inicio/index.html


Biblioteca Pública Municipal Iván de Vargas

As you know, staying in our Hostal Madrid offers a lot of benefits, and one of those is certainly the fact that you’ll be close to the most significant Madrid landmarks. Usually, you’ll be only a short walk away from places such as the Plaza Mayor, the Gran Via street, etc. Also, you’ll be close this fantastic public library. Besides its book collection, the “Sala Madrid” is a popularly feature of this library where you can find a selection of films, travel guides, e-books, as well as some works of art.


Location: Calle Sombrerete, 15, 28012 Madrid


Biblioteca Pública Municipal Mario Vargas Llosa

Unlike other public libraries, this one is a sort of a cultural and literary center of the district. It offers lecture rooms, lots of tables for students and the internet area, a section with magazines and newspapers, as well as the place for organizing group activities. It’s located near the Museo de Historia de Madrid and the Museo Romántico.


Location: Calle Barcelo,  2


Biblioteca Pública Municipal Eugenio Trías

Since El Retiro Park is probably one of the landmarks you’ll visit during your stay in Madrid, adding Biblioteca Pública Municipal Eugenio Trías library to the route is going to be quite convenient. It’s near the park, and it’s also quite a new addition to the literary life of the city. Opened in 2013, this library introduced a modern view of literature and how people explore it in the age of the internet. Computer rooms, cubicles, study rooms and hot spots are all part of this complex. Due to large glass windows, there’s plenty of daylight inside, which is very inspirational for those coming to read or study in this library.


Location: Paseo Fernán Núñez, 24,


Historia de la Hemeroteca

Founded in the early 20th century, this library holds a lot of historical documents and resources that date centuries back. The digitization process has also affected the collection, so they make most of the materials available through the internet.


Location: Calle del Conde Duque, 11

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