4 Places to Enjoy the Best Ice Cream in the Center of Madrid

28 de May de 2018 

4 Places to Enjoy the Best Ice Cream in the Center of Madrid. We want to recommend four great places to eat the best ice-cream in Madrid.

As the summer is quickly approaching, we know that days in Madrid can get hot. Staying in the city center guarantees that you’re close all the landmarks, which you’ll explore during your days in Madrid. To make those even better, we want to recommend four great places to eat the best ice-cream in Madrid.

Hostal Ice Cream


1. Mistura Ice-cream Shop

Mistura is a fantastic ice-cream shop, with four locations in the city and an option for delivery. The shop sells handmade ice-cream, without additives, which is how they promote healthy life habits and natural products used in the everyday diet. They even offer a unique spectacle where you see them mixing the ice-cream ingredients in front of you. You also get to personalize your ice-cream with a variety of toppings from different types of nuts, jams, fruit, and chocolate.


Website: http://misturaicecream.com/


2. Kalúa Helado Artesanal Ice-cream Shop

A unique production method that includes natural, high-quality ingredients results in more than 40 flavors offered by Kalúa Helado Artesanal ice-cream shop. With 7 locations around the city at this moment, you’ll undoubtedly come across this ice-cream shop, and it’s worth the visit. People praise generous portions, friendly environment, and of course, high-quality product. You’ll need to stop by and check what all the fuss is about, and you won’t be disappointed.


Website: http://kaluaheladoartesanal.es/


3. La Romana Gelato Shop

Long-lasting tradition and their philology of combining tradition, innovation and emotion is what hides behind this ice-cream shop. If you’re a frequent traveler, exploring Europe, you’ve probably already heard about La Romana ice-cream shops, as they have franchises in many European cities, mainly in Italy, from where this brand originated in the first place. Recipes that have been part of their business for generations include the usage of high-quality products that bring their recognizable taste of gelato. Incredible selection of gelato flavors will make it quite challenging to make a choice when ordering, but you can always order a little bit extra.


Website: https://www.gelateriaromana.com/en/


4. Zúccaru

Having in mind that Italians are well-known for their exquisite gelato, here’s another Italian-inspired ice-cream shop in the center of Madrid.  Zúccaru is founded by a Madrilenian and a Sicilian, so it’s precisely this blend of cultures and cuisines that is to blame for such a unique gelato experience provided in Madrid. Natural ingredients without artificial colors and close collaboration with small local producers are all part of their philosophy that focuses on quality products. Apart from handmade ice-cream, you’ll also get to try Sicilian Cannoli and Panettone. Home delivery is also supported. 


Website: http://zuccaru.es/


Whichever ice-cream shop you choose to visit in the center of Madrid, one thing is for sure - you won’t be disappointed. Every one of these deserves their place in this list of four places to enjoy the best ice-cream in Madrid and offers products of high-quality prepared with natural ingredients. This ensures the exquisiteness of the taste to come to the spotlight.


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