5 Small Charming Places to Visit in Madrid

4 de July de 2018 

5 Small Charming Places to Visit in Madrid. Here are some of the places we recommend.

When visiting Madrid, especially when staying in the city center, you get to visit a lot of charming places. Here are some of the places we recommend.


The Plaza de San Javier

The Plaza de San Javier is the smallest square in Madrid. It’s in the central district. It’s surrounded by buildings, and only one side is open where you can enter the square. Interestingly, this square is mentioned in legendary stories, and even one scene from the zarzuelas takes place in the square of San Javier. This is a hidden gem, popular among the locals with a rich tradition, but not as known among tourist.


British Cemetery in Madrid

Opened in 1854, the British Cemetery is one where members of other churches are buried, including Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox, as well as Jews. Some people from the British Army and the Royal Air Force who died during the World Wars are also buried here.


The Arab Wall of Madrid

The Arab Wall is one of the oldest buildings in the city as it dates back to the 9th century. It was built during the time of the Muslim domination of the Iberian Peninsula and the wall was a part of the fortress. Today, this is the location where the urban Madrid center is found. The remains for the wall are very important in the archaeological sense, even though there’s only a part of the wall that survived the decay of time. When visiting Madrid, this is one of those charming places that aren’t prominently highlighted, but still have massive importance and the historical value for the city of Madrid.


The Hermitage of Santa María la Antigua

Located in Carabanchel, the Hermitage of Santa María la Antigua is a Catholic temple. It’s also called Hermitage of the Cemetery of Carabanchel and it originates from the 13th century. It’s a medical construction built in Romanesque-Mudejar style. The main reason why we include this temple into this list of charming places to visit in Madrid is the fact that it’s the oldest Mudejar temple in Madrid and it was declared a property of cultural interest in 1981.


The Bodega de los Secretos

While you’re on your exciting tour of exploring charming places around Madrid, we have to mention a restaurant the perfectly fits this kind of a tour. The Bodega de los Secretos serves Mediterranean cuisine with traditional Spanish dishes and tempting desserts. The restaurant is located in Madrid’s oldest winery and preserves a lot of the interior of an aged wine cellar. It’s quite a unique setting for a restaurant. Combined with a perfect service, it’s definitely one of the places you need to visit. It’s located in the Literary Quarter of Madrid, so the entire area has a certain bohemian vibe.

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