Madrid: Accessible City

28 de Gennaio de 2019 

Madrid: accessible city. One of those goals includes adapting the city to the people with disabilities.

As a very popular tourist destination in Europe, Madrid has a lot to offer. It’s a city of art and culture, with breathtaking landmarks, mostly located in the central part of the city. Being the city that welcomes a lot of visitors from all over the world, the city adapts to the needs of modern travelers. One of those goals includes adapting the city to the people with disabilities.


Everything is adjusting to create an accessible environment so that everyone can enjoy visiting the city of Madrid.



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In the purpose of promoting this, Accessible Travel Guide has been created mapping out the best way to travel around the city. The guide lays out properties that are accessible with details relevant for people with physical disabilities, as well as for visually impaired and those with hearing impaired.


Routes in the accessible city

Here are a couple of routes suggested especially for those travelers with disabilities:

Route 1 - Paseo del Arte

There are 16 monuments, museums and exhibitions rooms featured in this route that are accessible. They include Reina Sofia Museum, the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, the Naval Museum, the Museum of the Americas, the Wax Museum, Mapfre Foundation, the Circle of Fine Arts, San Fernando Royal Academy, the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Royal Tapestry Factory, the National Library…


Route 2 - The Royal Palace

The route includes the visit to the Royal Palace and other landmarks located nearby: the Almudena Cathedral, the Royal Theatre, San Miguel Market, etc.


Route 3 - Gran Via

A walk down this street is a beautiful experience with landmarks such as Telefonica Foundation, Cerralbo Museum, the Coliseum Theatre, etc.


Route 4 - Barrio de Las Letras

Famous Barrio de Las Letras (Writers’ quarter) is the perfect way to experience the bohemian atmosphere and enjoy contemporary architecture. Along with this route, you will also be able to visit the Plaza Mayor Tourism Center, which is specially designed to be accessible and offer assistance to every traveler regardless of the type of their disability.


Route 5 - Salamanca district

Known as an upscale district, Salamanca is a perfect setting for another route which is part of the accessible Madrid program. You will get to visit the National Archaeology Museum, Juan March Foundation, and many other landmarks.

Making this city even more accessible will definitely be one of the priorities in the city life.

When it comes to public transport, travelers are offered a service to get special assistance at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. This service needs to be booked in advance. More than half of the metro network includes stations without steps, and there is a list of the station that falls into this category.

The full list of points of interested as well as their accessibility options, as well as specifications on programs such as guided tours for people with disabilities, is available with the Accessible Madrid Guide. The guide also includes details on shopping centers, recreational centers, restaurants, transport, which makes this a useful read.

Accessible Madrid Guide

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