Tourist Routes to Discover in Madrid

28 de Gennaio de 2019 

Tourist routes to discover in Madrid. We’ll show you a couple of tourist routes you can take to explore Madrid.

While some travelers enjoy this freedom of choosing what to visit and in which order, a lot of travels prefer guided tours. Not only is this more organized way to explore the city, but you are also accompanied by someone who knows a lot about the history behind each landmark.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll show you a couple of tourist routes you can take to explore Madrid.



It’s a group tour that introduces the 10 most important places to visit in Madrid. The tour starts from the Cathedral de la Almudena, and it ends at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, a famous bullring in Madrid. The tour is 8.5 kilometers long along which you will walk from one landmark to the other. More details here.



The theme of this route is the Spanish (Castilian) language. You will get to learn about the origins, how the universities started adopting the language and how the language reached its peak through literature. Along this route, you will visit the landmarks that had a role in the history of the language, and the monuments that glorify the language of the past. There are several packages devoted to this theme, and you can check everything using this link.



The city of Madrid and its surrounding has over 2700 kilometers of unused railway infracture. It has been converted into cycle and hiking paths. This enables the visitors to enjoy the scenery going along the paths that were once railway roads. To find out more about this route in Madrid, check out this website.



This is probably one of the most famous novels in Spanish literature, and perhaps in the history of literature. It talks about the adventures of a man who fights against windmills. The suggested way to go on this route is to use your car because you will be visiting many different towns and places nearby Madrid. The main pathway is taken from the book, and it’s up to you to design your own adventures across Spain. Visit this page to find out more about this route and all the places to visit.



There are many things Madrid is known for, but wine certainly takes the top spot on the list. The route will take you on a journey of getting to know the domestic process of winemaking along with wine tasting in some of the most popular wineries around Madrid. But the wine route is never just about the wine really. You will get to experience the friendly atmosphere, the experience of drinking with locals, while embracing the language, the culture and really diving into the whole experience. If you want to learn the exact stops of the tour and other details, check out this page.

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