Madrid Libraries You Should Visit

28 de Agosto de 2018 

Madrid Libraries You Should Visit. There are so many ways to experience the culture and the language of Spain, but here’s one unique way to do so. Try visiting Madrid libraries.

There are so many ways to experience the culture and the language of Spain, but here’s one unique way to do so. Try visiting Madrid libraries. Besides obviously offering books, libraries today bring you so many other opportunities such as movie library, collection ebooks, historic resources as well as learning resources. Of course, free WiFi and regular workshops are also used to engage the visitors.

Here are a couple of libraries in Madrid you should visit.



Even though it’s a new edition to the offer of Madrid libraries, this library has so much to offer with a number of resources about art, literature, film, history, architecture, film, etc. If you are a tourist, you will love the travel guides section with lots of ideas on visiting Madrid and exploring interesting destinations in the city.

Occupying the building from the 17th century and all of its three stories, the most famous room in the library is called “Sala Madrid” which contains over 2,500 resources including films, travel guides, artworks, literature, architecture, e-books, etc.

It’s opened from 8:30 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays, the opening hours are from 9:10 am to 4:50 pm. Unlike most libraries in Madrid, this library is opened on Sundays as well, with opening hours from 9:10 am to 12:50 pm.



With centuries-long history and tradition of being the most important library in Madrid, the National Library of Spain holds an impressive collection of 26 million items. Besides books, which take up the most significant part of the collection, other materials include printed materials, newspapers, journals, recordings (sound and music), etc. Formerly, the library was known as the Book Museum, so there are different rooms (Salas) that you can visit that are arranged by a specific theme (such as antique assets, music and audio recordings, room for newspapers and journals, etc.)

The library is opened from 9 am to 9 pm on workdays and from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. The museum is opened from 10 am until 9 pm on workdays and Saturdays, until 2 pm on Sundays, and it’s closed on Mondays (like most Museums in Madrid). The admission is free.



Perhaps the most modern-looking library in Madrid you will find, Biblioteca Pública Municipal Eugenio Trías focuses on merging the digital world into library scenery and providing the visitors the best of both worlds. Here you’ll find computer rooms, study rooms, hot spots, etc. with plenty of daylight with carefully designed glass windows of the complex.

This library is opened from 8:30 am until 8 pm on workdays, and it’s closed on weekends.

The best way about visiting libraries is that you get to experience the culture and history directly, through reading materials, visual presentations or even through events most of these libraries organize regularly. It’s a great way to explore Madrid and learn about its heritage.


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