3 Squares in Madrid with the Best Madrid Ambient

28 de Agosto de 2018 

3 Squares in Madrid with the Best Madrid Ambient. During your visit to Madrid, these are the three squares you need to visit to experience the best Madrid ambient.

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Favorite meeting points throughout the history, squares always enjoy a special role in the life of any city, especially if they take your breath away with their grandness. During your visit to Madrid, these are the three squares you need to visit to experience the best Madrid ambient.


Plaza de Espana (Spain Square)

Plaza de España is one of the most beautiful squares in Madrid. It’s mostly recognizable as being located between the most prominent skyscrapers in Madrid. Two of the most significant features on the square are the monument to Miguel de Cervantes and a rectangular pond. Surrounded by grass surface, trees and flowers, this all makes a wonderful scenery for sightseeing and brings a dose of nature into the urban center of Madrid. Plaza de España is actually the place where one of several city Christmas trees are placed.


Plaza Mayor (Main Square)

This is probably the most famous and most recognizable square in Madrid. The construction of the Plaza Mayor square was completed at the beginning of the 17th century. What’s unique and most recognizable about this square is its squared shape surrounding it with three-story buildings. The square holds special importance in the hearts of the locals, and it has been the place where numerous public events have taken place, starting from the weekly markets centuries ago to the official city celebrations and fairs organized to this day.  

Nine entrances are leading you to the central area. There you can walk around, explore the historical landmarks such as the Casa de la Panadería (in English Bakery House) or you can simply spend the afternoon enjoying a drink in one of the cafes. And if you’re lucky, one of the public city events will be taking place, such as the Christmas Market, Fiestas de San Isidro, etc.


Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun)

The Puerta del Sol is known as the busiest place in the city. It’s the favorite meeting point of the locals, mainly because it amazingly connects all of the parts of Madrid. Also, it is in the heart of Madrid, literally, which means that it represents the kilometer zero from which the radial roads are measured across Spain. Offices and shopping districts are quite close by, which is why it represents a point of interest for many locals.

Still, the square originates from the 15 century, where one of the city gates used to stand. There are numerous events and performances held during the year, but the biggest event, and probably the most important one is the New Year celebration. It’s organized on this square with traditional Twelve Grapes eating to mark the beginning of the new year, and the whole event is broadcast on television.


Our Hostal Madrid is actually quite near both of these squares. Being within walking distance (20-30 meters) makes this sightseeing so convenient and easy to organize.

All of the three squares are in the Madrid central area, accessible to the travelers and definitely worth the visit.


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