Learning Languages in Madrid

1 de Ottobre de 2018 

Learning languages in Madrid. Over the years, our guests and Hostal Madrid have often asked us for advice on how to start learning Spanish in Madrid...

Over the years, our guests and Hostal Madrid have often asked us for advice on how to start learning Spanish in Madrid. We also know that there are so many people out there wanting to learn a new language and looking for different opportunities to achieve this goal. Here, we’ll present a couple of ways you can learn languages in Madrid.

Learning Languages Madrid


Start a course in a local language school

This one is the most obvious way to start learning any language you want, in any city you want. When it comes to Madrid, the situation is the same. Find a school that offers the language you’re interested in and join a course. The main problem might be the location of the school. However, when you find accommodation in the Madrid center, you’ll usually have a lot of schools in the vicinity.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • La Aventura Espanola Madrid – Spanish courses in the center of Madrid

Website: https://laemadrid.com/

  • AIL Madrid – Instituto Cervantes - accredited Spanish Language School

Website: https://www.ailmadrid.com/en/1/1/home

  • Academia Contacto – Six locations in the city, Certified by Instituto Cervantes

Website: https://academiacontacto.com/


Arranged language learning opportunities

If you’re visiting the city as a part of an organization or if there is an organization in Madrid that arranges your trip, you might already have an opportunity to learn languages in Madrid. For example, The Complutense University in Madrid offers Foreign Language Center and Spanish Language Studies Center, both of which provide support for learning languages in Madrid.


Volunteering in Madrid

Here’s a way to contribute to the specific cause and still learn the languages. Volunteering represents a fantastic opportunity for people all over the world to travel, to meet different cultures, learn new languages, and ultimately help important causes and communities. When you become a part of a volunteering project, you will probably have help from the organization in the process of learning languages. More importantly, you’ll collaborate with people who speak different languages, so you’ll start learning every day. Listening to the language spoken around you, and having the opportunity to communicate are perfect ways to learn a language in a practical way. Here are some useful places to explore options for volunteering in Madrid.

  • The American Club of Madrid

Website: http://www.americanclubofmadrid.com/volunteer-opportunities.html

  • A guide to volunteering in Madrid

Website: https://www.goabroad.com/volunteer-abroad/search/spain/madrid/volunteer-abroad-1

  • GoOverseas Volunteering in Madrid

Website: https://www.gooverseas.com/volunteer-abroad/spain/madrid


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