Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid

1 de Ottobre de 2018 

Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid. Regardless of the type of cuisine you opt for, you will find lots of interesting places to try out Spanish dishes and Madrid specialties.

Regardless of the type of cuisine you opt for, you will find lots of interesting places to try out Spanish dishes and local specialties. The offer does not fall behind in vegetarian restaurants. Being a cosmopolitan city, Madrid has quite a selection of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.


If you want to try out Spanish croquettes, but you would rather skip the ham or any type of meat served with this dish, try this restaurant and its croquettes with hummus, veggies, raisins or almonds. Other veggie meals include lasagna, strudel, different types of bread, etc. A perfect way to taste some exotic combinations.

Location: Calle Santiago, 9, 28013



You want gourmet dishes, but you only want vegetarian meals? Here’s a place to find exactly this. From pasta, pizza, avocado cream, gazpacho, salads to different types of desserts, such as tarts, creams, etc. Even though Crucina is primarily known for offering veggie meals, prepared with seasonal organic ingredients, the restaurant is also known for its concept of cooking at the temperature up to 40 ºC. The purpose is to preserve the best nutritional value and benefits of the ingredients used in the dishes.

Location: Calle Divino Pastor, 30, 28004

Website: http://www.crucina.com



Even though it’s one of the famous Madrid vegetarian restaurants, Ecocentro is so much more than that. It’s partially a supermarket, which also has a bookstore, and bazaar for people to experience the whole concept of healthy life, which also includes exercises, an essential part of every healthy diet. The restaurant servers vegetarian meals, made with organic ingredients without products which were chemically treated.

Location: Calle Esquilache, 2 -12, 28003

Website: http://www.ecocentro.es



This is a pleasant restaurant with rustic design and delicious meals on the menu. The food is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In the evenings, they serve over 50 types of teas, accompanied by organic sweets and snacks. The concept of offering more than just served food is applied in this restaurant as well. The top floor features a shop where customers can buy organic products, spices, etc.

Location: Paseode la Florida, 53, 28008

Website: http://www.el-vergel.com



If you prefer a familiar place, then the international chain restaurant might be the choice for you. Internationally known as a place to taste the vegan cuisine, Loving Hut has a restaurant in the center of Madrid, offering vegan fast food, burritos, salads, and many other dishes inspired by the international cuisine.

Location: Calle Los Reyes, 11, 28015

Website: http://www.lovinghut.es/madrid



Founded in the beginning of the 1990s, Artemisa has become an established vegetarian restaurant in Madrid. Years of experience, tasty meals of outstanding quality and non-treated ingredients are all associated with this restaurant. Essentially, this has contributed tremendously to such popularity and reputation of Artemisa. You’ll find lots of traditional dishes adapted to the vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant has two locations in Madrid.

Location: c/ Ventura de la Vega, 4 (Huertas)

Location: C/ Tres Cruces, 4 (Gran Vía)

Website: https://restaurantesvegetarianosartemisa.com/

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