Places to Buy Handmade Jewelry in Madrid

5 de Dicembre de 2018 

Interesting in handmade jewelry in Madrid? Here are a couple of suggestions for you.

Interesting in handmade jewelry in Madrid? Here are a couple of suggestions for you.



This is believed to be one of those hidden gems in Madrid you need to visit. From necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, to bags and shoes, this shop has quite a selection of handmade products. Most of it is inspired by Iberian culture and heritage, so the items are quite colorful and vivid. It is actually quite close to the Plaza Mayor square, so if you find accommodation in the center of Madrid, the shop will be within walking distance.

Location: Calle Gerona 10, 28012 Madrid

Hours: from 10 am to 10 pm



If you prefer high-end jewelry worn by famous actresses and celebrities, this shop is for you. It offers premium quality jewelry, all of which is handmade in Madrid. They also have a bridal shop, which offers lovely items for this special occasion. In case you prefer browsing online, they have an online shop as well.

Location: Calle Fernando VI, 17, 1 dcha, 28004 - Madrid

Website: http://antonheunis.com/


The shop represents a showroom for the local artists and small shop owners. They offer a large variety of products. Besides handmade products, you can find a lot of one-of-a-kind items. Apart from jewelry, this shop also sells accessories and clothing.

Location: Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 33

Website: http://laintrusashowroom.com/


Here is another small local shop which has that special charm to it. It might be difficult to find the store, as it tucked away in the small streets of Madrid, but the search will certainly pay off if you are on the lookout for places to buy handmade jewelry in Madrid. Besides Madrid, Codo has shops around Spain as well.

Locations in Madrid: Calle Mayor 57

Calle del Codo 3

Calle Cuchilleros, 5

Website: http://tiendascodo.es/en/


Here is another, proudly made in Spain shop that offers a variety of products such as handbags, shoes, sunglasses, and of course jewelry. The shop is known to have senior craftsmen who have a lot of experience in making products of exceptional quality.

Locations: Calle Serrano 8, 28001 Madrid

Calle Santa Teresa, 5 Madrid 28004

Calle Lagasca, 68 Madrid 28001

Website: https://www.malababa.com/en/made-in-spain


In the end, here is another luxury handmade brand from Spain. Besides being popular in Spain, the brand is spreading its influence internationally, especially in the neighboring countries of Portugal and France. Aristocrazy offers a great selection of jewelry and watches, as well as diamonds.

Location: There are many shops in Madrid, including one in the Calle Gran Vía 26, Madrid 28013

Website: https://www.aristocrazy.com/es/Home


Here is another high-end, independent brand from Madrid crafted by the Spanish designer and proudly highlighting the fact that everything in their shop is handmade, starting from the entire creative process of designing to actually making the jewelry. They have an online shop so you can explore what they have to offer online.

Website: https://www.coelh.es/

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