Small Excursions to Take from Madrid

28 de Dicembre de 2018 

Small excursions away from Madrid all easy to organize, you don’t need a car, only a desire for exploration. Parque de Europa, Toledo...

Most tourists spend their time in the central area of Madrid. And of course, there’s a perfectly good reason for doing so. Madrid landmarks which are famous worldwide and the historic center of the city are in the central area. But now, we want to show you how you can visit amazing places in the vicinity of Madrid. These small excursions away from Madrid all easy to organize, you don’t need a car, only a desire for exploration.


Parque de Europa

It’s the largest green area in the city and a popular tourist attraction. It combines the nature of the park, it features some of the greatest European monuments, and it also offers a lot of interesting activities such as boat riding and archery. It’s located 25 kilometers from the center of Madrid with the circular bus line of Torrejon de Ardoz L1 that stops at the roundabout at the entrance to the park.



This is a wonderful historic city with rich heritage and unique blend of three cultures that have lived there. Everything you see in this city is the product of Jews, Muslims, and Christians who have created a place of great architectural and cultural value. Some of the most famous landmarks of the town include el Tránsito Synagogue, the Gothic style Cathedral, el Greco House Museum and Alcázar, a fortress built during the Roman times. Toledo is about an hour away from Madrid, and you can use a bus, train or car to get there. The fastest way is to use AVE high-speed train from Atocha station which takes you to Toledo in around 25 minutes.


Forestal Park Madrid

For those adventurers who seek excitement and thrill, visiting this park near Madrid might be just a perfect excursion to take. The adventure park offers numerous activities for group visits, families with children and corporate visits. More than 20 hectares of land offers adventure activities such as zip-lining, canoeing, camping, sports events, etc.

Location: Forest Park Guadarrama, Las Encinillas, Área Recreativa, Calle San Macario, 64, 28440 Guadarrama, Madrid

There is a direct bus line 682 taking you from the Moncloa to Guadarrama interchange


Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares is another historic town located 35 kilometers from Madrid. If you want to organize a small excursion during your stay in Madrid, this could be a perfect place to visit. The town has been inhabited since Roman times, and many landmarks still have great historical value. Miguel de Cervantes was actually born in this town. The Plaza de Cervantes and Alcalá de Henares Cathedral are some of the most visited places, as well as the University of Alcalá. Alcalá is a commuter town, which means it has an excellent connection with Madrid and you will need about half an hour to get there. There are railway lines, buses or you can go by car.


When you get bored of the city noise and when you want to go beyond the tourist hubs, these are some of the places that can be perfect for small excursions to take from Madrid.

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