Madrid and its Winter sports

7 de June de 2019 

Madrid City is characterized by its abundant sports offer and snow activities are no exception. Ski and snowboard lovers have many options available to them if they want to enjoy winter sports.

Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is the most popular and traditional winter sport. It got this name because it started to be practiced in the Alps. Madrid is fortunate to have varied ski resorts which are near the city center. The most well-known are: 

  • Puerto de Navacerrada: it is located 60 kilometres away from Madrid and is the closest to the city. It has more than 12 ski tracks of different lengths and challenges. Nowadays, the tracks are closed because facilities are being modernized.
  • Valdesquí: it is a historic resort opened up in 1972. It has 27 tracks of which 9 are green, 15 blue, and 3 red. Put together, they constitute 22 kilometres of ski area. It also contains a competition track called “Francisco Fernández de Ochoa” in honor to the only Spanish winter olympic champion.

  • La Pinilla: it is the one furthest away from Madrid and is located, more specifically, in Segovia. This resort has 23 tracks of different challenges.



Snowboard can be practiced in the ski resorts abovementioned, in all of the tracks, together with skiers.  The three resorts have a rental equipment system of snowboards, helmets, and other accesories. An outstanding place is found in Valdesquí: a 9 thousand square meter Park Center in which the variant Freestyle can be practiced. In this track, all kind of tricks in the slides, rails, and ramps can be performed.

 Nordic skiing

Madrid also has a Nordic skiing Center located in Puerto de Navafría. This resort offers more than 30 kilometers of tracks which are either classic or free. Each track has a particular challenge and hardness level. There, an introduction course is offered.

Madrid SnowZone

Tourists who visit Madrid in non-winter periods also have the opportunity to enjoy ski thanks to Madrid SnowZone. That may not be so common, so it’s very interesting to talk about this below. It is a snow-covered track, the only one in all Spain, and is one of the most important one across the world. It is located in Madrid Xanadú shopping center.

It consists of two tracks. The first of them is perfect for expert skiers because it includes 250 meters long and 55 meters wide. In addition, it has an unevenness bigger than 25%. The second track is meant for beginners since it has 100 meters long and 40 meters wide. It also has a smaller rake. 

This place also has a safe activity for children. Its name is tobogganing and it consists in sliding on an artificial slope on an enormous float, similar to a water park. Now that you know all about the winter sports in this amazing city, aren’t you tempted to try them? Come to Madrid any time of the year and have the time of your life.

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