Gastronomic markets in Madrid

1 de August de 2019 

Madrid is one of the most complete cities in relation to tourism because of the ample possibilities and options for tourists. One of the tourist visits which is becoming more popular is connected to gastronomy, and more precisely to neighbourhood markets and gastronomic spaces.

In Madrid, Mercado de San Miguel pioneered this area when it was renewed and opened its doors ten years ago, becoming one of the most symbolic places of the city. But it is not the only one because there are many markets which are available for visiting and trying and/or buying the most delicious food.

Mercado de San Miguel.

This market has more than a hundred years since it was opened in 1916, but as a food market. It was in 2009 when it reconverted and renewed, becoming the first gastronomic market of Madrid. Currently, it has national and international chefs of considerable renown and it receives more than ten millions of tourists a year. Therefore, it can be declared as the gastronomic temple of Madrid.

Mercado san miguel

It is located in the centre of Madrid de los Austrias, and its most remarkable products include fresh seafood which arrive from Galicia, Mediterranean rice, and a great variety of cheese. They are products of high quality. In this market, the best wine which comes from all the corners of Spain can be found. It is distributed in thirty fixed posts around the market, next to three mobile posts.

Within the vast variety of posts, Joan roca with its craft icecream, Rodrigo de la Calle’s rice, Amalketako, Basque gastronomy and Ricardo Sanz which offers sushis and sashimis are some of the most oustanding shops.

Mercado de San Antón

This market is located in the tourist area of Chueca and it has three different floors.

The first one is exclusively destined to the selling of perishable food. It offers all types of sausages and hamburguers, as well as fruit and vegetables.

The second floor has a wine bar and ten posts of show cooking. In them, people can try and buy different food specialties like for example Greek style or Japanese food. What is more, seafood, jams and beverages are available.

On the last floor, there is a restaurant called “La Cocina de San Antón”. Here, food bought on other floors can be cooked in exchange for a little money. Otherwise, the restaurant offers a daily menu or a menu based on fresh and natural products with a focus on Spanish food.

 Mercado de Vallehermoso

This municipal market is found in Chamberí area. It has an ample offer of food of high quality at accessible prices distributed in 62 posts which include the greengrocer’s, butcher’s, fishmonger’s, and the bakery.

On the ground floor, there is an access to Mercado de Productores. It contains 22 small shops and gastronomic craftmen which offer craft products. Here, fresh products taken from vegetable gardens stand out.

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