Products with designation of origin in Madrid

1 de August de 2019 

Far from the city centre, the lights and the bustle of the people, Madrid has its sector destined to agriculture and livestock. Some of its products, thanks to the excellent quality and good work, have received the Designation of Origin as a reward. These products satisfy the most refined palates.

What is the Designation of Origin?

The Designation of Origin is a geographic indication used to mark a product with defining characteristics given by its concrete geographic origin. In addition, a product with a designation of origin acquires an excellent reputation because this characteristic shows that it is of extremely high quality. 

The designation of origin also grants the right to protection of raw material and of the manufacturing of the product, preventing the generation of fake copies or imitations. Therefore, the certificate does not only refer to the quality of the product but it also gives it the control of raw material during the manufacturing process. Customers certainly know that they are buying a product of excellence. This type of award is usually given to agricultural products, food, wines and beverages.

Food and products in Madrid receive the designation of origin thanks to the quality of raw material and the favourable weather conditions where they are manufactured.

Designation of origin of wines in Madrid

The manufacturing of wines in Madrid has been increasing significantly over the years. Currently, it is divided into three subareas: San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Arganda and Navalcarnero. What is more, the forth subarea is in the process of being accepted and qualified as such, and it is called El Molar. These areas share the geographic distinction but they differ from each other because of their different characteristics. Each of them presents a different type of weather and soil which results in distinctive types of wine.

Vinos de Madrid was born in 1990 and it is the only capital of the world which gives name to a Designation of Origin. Since its creation, it has been evolving up to now and it competes against the most classical wineries at both, national and international level. More than 51 wineries are associated with Vinos de Madrid which commercializes red, white and rosé wines with a great variety of grapes. It is estimated that Madrid produces more than four millions of bottles of wine per year.

Designation of Origin of oils in Madrid

The extra virgin olive oil of Madrid presents qualities worthy of the distinction. It is a crucial product in the Mediterranean diet. Also called “liquid gold”, it has little acidity and it is of an intense yellow colour with green tones. Furthermore, it stands out due to its particular smell and high nutritional and dietetic levels.

In Madrid, 25 hectares of olive grove are cultivated and they are distributed in 4500 farmers, numbers which turn olive groves in the largest cultivation, above the vineyard. With those olives, 90 municipalities manufacture more than 4000 tons of oil.

Olive varieties which are predominant are cornicabra and chamomile. To a lesser extent, the carrasqueña, verdeja, gordal and piscual are found.

Geographic indication Protegida Carne Sierra de Guadarrama

The Northern mountain range of Madrid has the perfect landscape for cattle breeding, not only because of its favourable weather conditions but also because of the type of pastures it has. This scenery makes this subarea be distinguished with the geographic indication, for its top quality meat with a slightly damp aspect, a red/pink tonality, a firm texture and intramuscular fat.

The breeds used are determined by their meat aptitudes. They are integrated by the avileño, the native breed of the area, and by charoles and limusín, two breeds which adapted to the area in an ideal way, with a high performance without loss of meat quality.

Extensive methods are used to handle the animals. This means that cow mothers are found in the field eating exclusive grass and calves are fed on mother’s milk and grass up to six years of age. When they enter the finishing period, their diet changes to cereal.

Designation of Origin Anís de Chinchón

It receives this name due to Madrid city where anise is produced and bottled. It is an alcoholic liquor elaborated with grains called Matalahúga. There are five types of varieties: sweet, dried, extra dried and special dried. These are distinct because of its alcohol level and the amount of sugar with which they are elaborated.

Designation of Origin Calidad Aceitunas de Campo Real

In the southern municipality of Madrid, there are soils covered with olive plantations. The designation of origin is granted to olives for people’s consumption and not for oil manufacturing, even though they both are of high quality. Besides the quality of the raw material, experts explain that the secret of the olives of Campo Real are found in salad dressing which is elaborated with different aromatic herbs like thyme, oregano or fennel.

Aceitunas campo real

Different sectors which intervene in the production, distribution and commercialization of olives are registered in Registro de Denominación de Calidad Aceitunas de Campo Real. It is supervised by Consejería de Economía de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid, through Dirección General de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural. As a result, it is ensured that, during the production chain, the quality of the product remains intact.

Local products

Madrid also has a series of native products of high quality which are not distinguished with a designation of origin or geographic distinct. However, they are recognized for their taste and quality. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Melons of Villaconejos
  • Strawberries and asparagus of Aranjuez
  • Judiones of Sierra Norte
  • Products of the cultivated fields of Villa del Prado
  • Honey of Sierra de Madrid
  • Garlics of Chinchón

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