Zarzuela Racecourse

6 de September de 2019 

Sports fans who visit Madrid have a wide range of important places and events which they can visit and enjoy. From football to basketball and winter sports, the city has a lot to offer. One of the options is enjoying horse races and knowing the famous Zarzuela Racecourse. 

History of the racecourse

The building of this racecourse started in 1935 with the objective of replacing La Castellana Racecourse. Yet, the construction was stopped because of the Civil War. The building was ruined and re-started until its completion in 1941. From this moment onwards, a history of ups and downs started, like the glory of the 1970s and the crisis of the 1990s. Precisely, in 1996, it closed its doors until 2003, when its facilities were modernized.

Currently, the racecourse is located in 28023 Padre Huidobro Avenue. It is a beautiful place, which offers outdoors leisure, mixed with the emotions of races and bets. It is an ideal outing for a family with children. The offer is not merely reduced to the races, but recreational elements like green spaces, inflatable castles, ponies, make up, dancing zones and different workshops are found in the facility. For the youngest children, there is a day care.

To facilitate the arrival of the public, the racecourse offers a free transport system to its facilities one hour before the races start and until one hour after the event finishes. There are three possibilities: from Paseo Moret, in the Moncloa interchange, or a stop in Complutense Avenue.

Future races

From September onwards, the autumn races season starts in the morning. The doors will be opened at 10.30 while the first race is at 11.30. Each Sunday, from September, 15th to December, 1st between six and seven races will be held. In total, there will be 82 competitions which include six big prizes of A category, the highest category available. Among them, some prizes stand out:  Gran Premio de la Hispanidad, which grants 30.000€ for the first place; Gran Premio Memorial Duque de Toledo, with 45.000€ for the winner; Gran Premio 78 Aniversario del Hipódromo de la Zarzuela, in which only the best mares participate with a prize of 24.000€.

The general ticket price for the autumn season is 7 euros while people under 18 do not have to pay -only if they go with an adult. Take advantage of this discount to have an amazing day with your children, family and loved ones without paying that much!

Guided Visits

There is an available initiative to know Zarzuela Racecourse and the horse races world by means of a guided visit. With Hipotour, all kinds of public who want to participate can know the training centre and place where the races take place. The groups have a maximum of 30 people and Claudine Cazalis and Isabel Vaquero, two well-known jockettas, are in charge of them. Enjoy your day!

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