The fascinating Moncloa Lighthouse

6 de September de 2019 

The city of Madrid is full of options and offers for tourists who look forward to enjoying their stay. There is a great number of interesting places to visit which may not be well-known and remain overshadowed by the main attractions. These places are ideal for those visitors who can enjoy a long stay or for those who visit the city for a second time. One of these places is the Moncloa Lighthouse.

This lighting tower has 110 metres of height and it was built in 1992, the same year that Madrid was recognized as the European Capital of Culture. It has a panoramic lift which goes up 90 metres in 50 seconds until it arrives at the lighthouse’s lookout point, which rises just over the centre of the University City. Once in the lookout point, a series of monuments and historic places can be observed from the enormous glass windows. Among them, the most outstanding are: the Real Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, the Four Towers and the building of Telefónica in the Gran Vía. In addition, in the background, Guadarrama mountain range can be appreciated. 

Inside the lookout point, there is an information desk which offers a review of the history of Madrid’s growth and evolution. There is a scale reproduction of the 50 principal buildings with interesting information and curiosities in Spanish and English. Some of them are Torrespaña, Palacio de Cibeles, cementerio de San Isidro and Centro de Patrimonio Histórico "Corona de Espinas”.

Next to the lighthouse, Museo de América can be visited and it offers a magnificent collection of Pre-Colombian , ethnographic and colonial art. Among them, it is important to mention tesoro de los Quimbaya, the biggest American craftwork collection which is preserved nowadays. 

The Moncloa Lighthouse is located in 2 28040 De La Memoria Avenue, in the tourist zone Princesa. It opens from 9 am to 8 pm, from Tuesdays to Sundays. On Mondays, it remains closed, with the exception of holidays or special openings- until the end of the year, it will open the following Mondays: September, 2nd and December, 9th, 23th, and 30th. 

The general entry is 3 euros and it includes a free visit with a duration of 30 minutes at most. Children between 7 and 14, the unemployed, people older than 65 and disabled people and their companions will only have to pay 1,5 euros. Finally, children who are less than 6 can enter for free. The tickets can be bought in the lighthouse’s lobby or in the webpage. 

Some of the characteristics of the lighthouse which are worth mentioning are: 

  • The tickets can be used during a fixed schedule.
  • There cannot be more than one wheelchair at the same time in the lookout point because of safe issues. 
  • If the weather conditions are adverse, the lookout point remains closed.


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