Madrid Leisure Centres

8 de October de 2019 

Madrid city offers all kinds of attractions for tourists. Observing different types of animals, enjoying nature and feeling adrenaline in amusement parks are some of the activities which can be enjoyed in leisure facilities which definitely guarantee fun for all people.

Amusement parks

The amusement park is located in Casa de Campo. It is one of the most important urban leisure places in Spain, with more than 48 attractions for the tastes of all family members. Among the different options, there are gigantic rollercoasters, aquatic games like rides along nature and in the heights. It is an ideal place to visit with family or friends. Besides the games, the place has many restaurants to eat and drink something and it also contains attractive and magic shows in the streets.  The park is formed by five thematic areas: Naturaleza, Gran Avenida, Maquinismo, Tranquilidad and Infantil.

One characteristic of this place is the Walking Dead  Experience, a unique facility in Europe which shows different scenes of the famous TV series The Walking Dead. In addition to the representation of the locations of the series, there is a special zombies’ makeup and special effects. It is a unique horror show which remains open throughout the year.

Zoo Aquarium

Madrid zoo is very complete because it allows for people to admire the fauna species from the five continents. It is also found in Casa de Campo where more than 6000 animals live together. Among them, there are mammals, amphibians, fish, birds, reptiles and invertebrates. The place has more than 20 hectares and it also contains an aviary, an aquarium and a dolphinarium. In total, more than 500 zoological groups are represented in this place, with specimens coming from all parts of the world. Undoubtedly, this place is worth visiting.

Warner Madrid Park

This amusement park offers five different thematic areas, together with a restaurant and shops. It is only twenty minutes away from Madrid and can be accessed by car through 22 exit of A-4 road or in public transport. The five available attraction areas are: Hollywood Boulevard, which stands out for its glamour; Cartoon Village, where magic prevails; DC Superheroes World and Warner Bros. Studios, with live presentations and special activities about comic, movies, and series famous characters; Old West Territory, a zone with a focus on action.

Parque Warner Beach is open to the public from 2014. It is about an aquatic park which works during the summer season. It is formed by its water attractions, not only for children but also for adults. In addition, there is a beach with natural sand. This park allows for an independent access of a particular public to the amusement park. It is apossible to participate in aquatic activities only.

From October, 4th to November, 3rd, the park will change its style and it will focus specifically on Halloween. The activities try to celebrate this tradition with attractions and characters of horror movies like Freddy Krueger or La Llorona.

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