Two of the main shopping areas of Madrid

8 de October de 2019 

One of the preferred touristic activities is shopping, also known as a shopping trip or tour. Besides the purchase of objects, this outing implies walking along different streets and zones while discovering new places and getting to know the local culture. In this respect, Madrid offers different shopping zones which are ideal for all kinds of tourists.

 El Rastro

Rastro de Madrid is a street market in the open which is located in Embajadores neighbourhood. It is celebrated every Sunday and on holidays, where the sales carts are placed around Plaza de Cascorro, more precisely in the Ribera de Curtidores Street and up to Ronda de Toledo and Embajadores Streets. The name of the market dates back to the slaughterhouses period when cows left a trail of blood after being crucified and they were moved from the slaughterhouse.

The market is open from early in the morning which is an ideal time to visit it if strolling comfortably is desired. From midday onwards, the number of visitors increases considerably and the market acquires its characteristic atmosphere. It is open up to 3 in the afternoon.

Within the products offered, vintage furniture, antiques, old books, electronic devices, clothes, collector items, among others can be found. It is important to explore the market well and so that people can come across surprises. The carts are grouped according to the goods they sell, ensuring customers’ comfort.

During the rest of the days, Ribera Street offers specialized shops, mainly in mountain sports, handmade furniture, photography, antiques and restaurateurs, libraries and pet shops.

Chueca-Malasaña Zone

This commercial zone is located between Plaza de Chueca and Fuencarral and Hortaleza Streets. It stands out for its fashion brands, Young designers, tattoo shops and art libraries.

The area can be divided into two. First, on Fuencarral Street, the main shops of Malasaña are located. Fashion brands are present not only in sports style like Adidas, Puma or Foot Locker, but also in jeans brands like Levi`s, Calvin Klein, Pepe Jeans, among others. In addition, there are other famous shops like Victoria’s Secret, Maje or Michael Kors.

In Hortaleza Street, there is a great influence of the LGTB group. There are fashion shops with dyed clothes, gymnasiums and sex shops. There is a great number of specialized libraries, not only in the group’s theme like Berkana library but also in comics –Panta Rhei- and gastronomy –Apunto Librería-.

Several shoe shops can be found. Their main characteristic is the sale of random pairs of shoes which belong to previous seasons and their prices are very accessible. Gastronomic markets of the zone allow people to buy local products apart from enjoying a lunch or a dinner. Mercado de Barceló offers many terraces in the open air.  In San  Ildefonso, there are a lot of carts of international food. Huerto de Lucas specializes in organic dishes and food. Pomme Sucre and Celicioso pastries are two places which are worth visiting.

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