Places for amusement in Madrid

4 de December de 2019 

Madrid is a very complete city with regard to tourism considering its gastronomy, beautiful landscapes, historic buildings, museums, monuments and many others. However, one of the most preferred activities among tourists has to do with entertainment and how to enjoy different activities. At this point, the city also fulfills the expectations of all kinds of public.  

Aquópolis: a highly attractive aquatic parkRecrearse en madrid 1

The biggest water park of Europe is found in Madrid and it is Aquópolis de Villanueva de la Cañada. This claim is justified by its thirteen available attractions, apart from having green spaces where people can rest and sunbathe.

This place has an amazing weather, due to its proximity to Navacerrada mountain range. The park is suitable for all kinds of public, with attractions devised for different age groups, even though all of them have their dose of adrenaline and spectacle. There are different attractions like Alta Emoción, with the biggest slides and great slopes. There are also moderated slopes, which are ideal for families. Lastly, there are children slides, as its name suggests, for the little ones.

There is also a swimming pool for relaxation and a zone which resembles a Hawaiian beach with sand included.

 Aventura Amazonia Pelayos Park

This adventure park is located in the coniferous forest of Sierra Oeste, near the swamp. Its creation dates back the year 2009 and its offer includes different outdoor activities not only for young people but also for children.

The park has almost a hundred games between the trees and more than 25 zip lines. They are divided between children and adults. The attractions are divided in 6 different circuits: MiniKids (exclusively for children between 4 and 7, with childcare included), Kids, Explorador, Jungla, Aventura and Deportivo. Each of them offers different attractions.

For the newest, there are three initiation circuits, so that they can know how it works and feel comfortable. The security of each person is reliable and is guaranteed through a system of intelligent karabiners, the most advanced technology in this rubric.

Palacio de Hielo

For ice skating fans, they can carry out this activity in Palacio de Hielo Dreams. This place has an olympic track of 30x60 metres, so that it is very attractive. This place is also prepared so that people can eat and drink something, while they have a rest.

The installation Works since the year 2003. In this place, ice skating courses can be taken, but also ice hockey and curling, other well-known sports. Adding up to this, the installations can be rented and used to celebrate children and young people’s birthdays. The entire track will be available for the birthday person and the guests, apart from a zone exclusively reserved for them to eat something. The address is 10,291, near the airport zone and the Madrid Fair.


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