Christmas party in Madrid

7 de January de 2020 

Every year in December, Christmas, which is one of the main parties of society, is celebrated. It is about a traditional celebration and one of the biggest customs. To close the year, people gather with their families and give presents to each other. To enhance the festive atmosphere, Madrid is stained with attractive lights and decorations for the public to celebrate.

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The staged visit is highly recommendable not only for local citizens but also for tourists who find themselves in Madrid during Christmas.   

Which are the Christmas decorations and how are they scheduled?

Christmas is the most contagious party in Madrid. Streets, buildings and squares are illuminated with different festive designs. It is about millions of lamps and lights of many colours with an incredible lighting. However, they don’t spend too much energy because they meet the environmental care requirements. They are low-energy lights with strong energetic efficiency.

The lights and decorations are available since the end of November, during all December and they finish on January the 6th, on the Three Kings Day. In addition, the lighting has a specific operating program: every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they are working from 6pm to 00am. Then, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the holidays eves, they can be visited from 6pm to 00am. On December the 24th and January the 5th, the working hours are longer, from 6pm to 3am. Finally, on December the 31st, they can be enjoyed from 6pm to 6am.

The new designs

This year, new Christmas decorations are being released, in both lights and designs. They reflect the Christmas tradition. For example, illuminated Bethlehems are incorporated in Puertas de Alcalá. New designs in the plate of Canalejas and Atocha Street, together with the classic fir trees in squares can also be enjoyed.  

Another novelty Is that an illuminated ball has been installed in the intersection of Alcalá and Gran Viña Streets, in front of the Metrópolis Building. It has twelve metres in diameter, seven tons in weight and 43 thousand LED lights. The sphere gives a show of lights and sounds which can be programmed and synchronized to create a pixel mapping. This will be available until January the 6th and, during the day, it works in three intervals of six minutes each at 6.30pm, 8pm and 9.30pm.

For those people who prefer the comfort of transport instead of walking, they can take the Naviluz. This is a bus which travels the main streets and squares of Madrid during a 50-minute trip and gives the opportunity to enjoy the festive lighting.

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