The last art exhibitions in Madrid

7 de January de 2020 

One of the main tourist attractions in a city is the art exhibitions. Fortunately for its visitors, Madrid is a very rich city with respect to art and culture. Constantly, new proposals are presented which are highly varied and allow tourists to have a wide range of options to choose from.

Next, we will make a summary of the last and most outstanding exhibitions.

Game of Thrones official exhibition

The successful and acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones arrives in Madrid with its official exhibition with HBO® Licensing and GES Events, and the collaboration of Sold Out as its local promoter and organizer. It is exhibited in Espacio 5.1 of IFEMA, a place which is exclusively used for entertaining, cultural and art exhibitions since 2018. Until the present day, it has more than 350.000 visitors.

Exposiciones de arte

The famous TV series, winner of 47 Emmy awards, stands out because of its visual arts not only in landscapes but also in clothing. The exhibition is centered precisely on these aspects with more than 1000 square metres which include immersive environments, multimedia contents and interactive spaces. The decorations, props and all the original clothing can be observed. The exhibition is available from Tuesdays to Sundays until March the 15th. The general entry is 18€ while children should pay 10€.

“La naturaleza de las cosas” (“The Nature of Things”)

The artist Chema Madoz shows an exhibition in Pabellón Villanueva del Real Jardín Botánico, which consists in 62 of his best photographs which were taken between 1982 and 2018.

The rewarded photographer is known because of his dialogue with nature and the fusion of objects and natural elements. The exhibition is complemented with personal elements of his workshop which serve to explain the artist’s creative process. In addition, a documentary about Chema Madoz will be shown.

The exhibition is available until March the 1st from Monday to Sunday between 10am and 5.30pm. The entry is 6€, which is the price to visit the garden.

La tumba de Tutankhamon (Tutankamon’s Tomb)

This exhibition is also found in Espacio 5.1 of IFEMA- Feria de Madrid. In it, the reconstruction of the phraraoh Tutankamon is made as well as of all the reconstruction of his treasures. It is not the first time that it is exhibited; it has already been shown 10 years ago. It is ideal for Egyptian culture fans and also for the general public who is interested in culture. In 2000 square metres, all the pharaoh’s history can be experienced together with different excavation works carried out by the archeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

The funerary chambers are resconstructed identically and there are 3. Also, there are replicas of all of his treasures from which the Golden Mask outstands, one of the most appreciated jewels.

This exhibition will be available until April the 19th, from Tuesday to Sunday between 10am and 9pm. The general entry is 16€ and 9€ for children.

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