Inverfest in Madrid

31 de January de 2020 

Many events from the artistic and entertainment realms are held in Madrid. They are very attractive and interesting, both for visitors and for local citizens. Inverfest is one of the most important events in town.

This event is organized by Circus Price Theater and it focuses on the world of music. It takes place during the first months of the year, as a way to celebrate a new beginning. This festival has had several editions, and this 2020 is no exception. People will be able to enjoy the best music from January 9th to February 14th.

The event has different venues, where new recordings and artists’ different tours are released. Many times, they are a preview of the kind of music that will come out during the rest of the year. Attendees can listen to various kinds of music, such as rock, flamenco and symphonic. The most important artists and events are described below.


Circus Price Theatre

Circus Price theatre hall is the main venue for the festival. Estrella Morente, who is one of the main figures of flamenco, will perform in this place. She will present her new material called “Copla”. It stands out for mixing up classic influences with the latest trends.

Noa, an Israeli singer, will also present her new project entitled "Letters to Bach." It consists of 12 songs of instrumental music, which deal with different themes such as feminism, global warming and religion, among others.

Andrea Motis presents her new work called "Do outro lado do azul". The singer, songwriter and trumpeter is accompanied by her usual jazz quintet.

Regarding the artists who continue with their tours within the festival, the following can be highlighted:  Quique González and his band, Amaia Romero - Operación Triunfo 2017 winner and her first solo tour - and the foreign band Rumors of Fleetwood Mac.


The Riviera

Los Punsetes will feature in The Riviera room. This group is an independent referent in Spain, and the band is presenting their sixth album, entitled "Aniquilación" (“Annihilation”). Depedro, will also end their tour with a very special concert, and Explosions in The Sky, an American post-rock band will be there as well.


Other venues

WiZink Center is another area that is part of the festival, India Martinez, Maldita Nerea and Funambulista will hold concerts in there. The Inverfest New Rockers is a very interesting section of the festival.  As its name implies, it is aimed at new generations passionate for live music, although it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Festival Information

As we have already mentioned, the festival takes place from January 9th to February 15th. The main headquarters are located in Ronda de Atocha, 35 28012, situated in the touristic area of Lavapies. For more information on tickets price and specific timetables of the different shows, please visit Inverfest official web site.

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