The new restaurants in the city

31 de January de 2020 

One of the main touristic activities that a place can offer is connected to its restaurants. Visitors are very excited about the idea of savouring new flavours, new dishes and everything connected to local cuisine.


Perhaps during the day, tourists look for simpler options and for those that are more comfortable for them and their activities. For example, a very attractive idea is food trucks. However, at nightfall, they get ready to visit some important restaurant in the city.

Fortunately for visitors, Madrid has a gigantic gastronomic variety: from the most classic places, to the newest and most modern ones. Precisely the former will be discussed below, highlighting the three main new restaurants.



This restaurant is located in Chamartín, Ciudad de Jardín neighbourhood, and it belongs to Ottica catering group. It stands out for its warmth and cosy atmosphere, which is decorated in an avant-garde and at the same time minimalist style. Wood plays a fundamental role here, together with tropical landscapes.

Regarding food, its menu stands out in the Mediterranean cuisine, mixed up with an international touch. The author of the menu is chef Andres Jimenez, and among his highlights are truffle ravioli, boletus croquettes, varieties of pizza cooked in stone oven, chicken and vegetable gyozas with bacon, among others.

People can come throughout the day, as it is open from breakfast to dinner. The prices of the dishes range between 16 and 30 euros.



This restaurant is located in Salamanca neighbourhood, and it replaces the well-known cocktail bar that bore the same name. Brothers Ricardo and José Manuel Romero are its owners and this place offers great variety of traditional and Spanish cuisine, which focuses on execution and flavour.

The general layout of the place is truly complete. It has a bar with 10 stools, high tables that can accommodate 12 people, plus low tables that cover 18 customers. The terrace, which is very nice, has room for 24 other visitors.

The menu is reduced, with a dozen dishes, but these are recipes focused on seasonal products. You can take a quick meal at the bar, or sit at one of the tables and wait for the tasty dishes you have ordered.


Santa Gilda

There is a restaurant called Santa Gilda in Chamberí, one of the reference places for gastronomy. Its proposal is based on robata. It is a Japanese grill based on oak and coconut coal, on which all kinds of menus are prepared.

The menu is varied, and it goes from meat and fish to vegetarian meals and also traditional tapas. As a complement to the food, a wide selection of high quality wines is offered.

Regarding the decoration of the place, it looks for innovation with mixtures between colours and textures, tiles and bricks. Additionally, the graffiti of Rita Hayworth -a Hollywood actress-, which occupies an entire wall, stands out.

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